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Health, Education, & Women's Empowerment in India

Our founder Dr. Shanti Jain believed that the hope of the future lies in our children, who need education and healthcare to become great leaders and thinkers. 

Our work is only possible through the support of ordinary people who believe in the importance of access to education, healthcare, and skill building for women. 

We provide access to quality healthcare, education, and women's empowerment programs to rural populations in India's northwest province of Rajasthan through a variety of projects and programs. 

Who We Are. What We Do. How You Can Help. 

IHBS was formed 30 years ago when its founder, Dr. Shanti Jain, began vaccination campaigns in rural Rajasthan, in India. Seeing the need in this area for access to education and healthcare, she decided to commit herself to building a school and hospital in the region.


In 1987, the Bal Academy was built amidst sprawling sand dunes and clusters of small village huts. It is the only English language school for hundreds of miles in this rural area of northwest India. Today, the school has over 500 students, with more than half receiving either free or reduced tuition scholarships.

In 2001, IHBS expanded its scope by refurbishing an old building near the school and turning into a full service hospital that attends to hundreds of people from over 20 villages. From eye surgery, to neonatal care, to dialysis and more, the hospital provides life saving care to those that could not access quality healthcare otherwise. 

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